I am so glad you decided to visit. This site offers a wealth of information on chiropractic and my practice. You’ll learn how it increases the expression of your potential for health… and how it maximizes performance through the adjustment of vertebral subluxation. Explore these pages to discover how chiropractic will benefit you and your family. You’ll also find many links to other sites on chiropractic, health and alternative healing. I hope you find it informative and learn something new.

Yours in chiropractic.

Dr. Serge Sautre

Our clinic is dedicated to helping adults and children recover through specific chiropractic care with a loving, giving and serving attitude

Dr. Sautre has 18 years of experience in providing chiropractic care to adults & children with subluxations (spinal misalignments affecting the nervous system) and uses advanced technologies, primarily the Atlas Orthogonal Technique to adjust the cervical spine without manipulation, impacting global posture and balance. The correction of other misalignments in the body's structure is addressed using well-established chiropractic methods. Precautionary measures and health advices are provided to the patient for safeguarding the adjustment and easing recovery.

Through excellence in chiropractic care and a compassionate attitude we believe in serving our patients, in fulfilling our vocation and in advancing the chiropractic profession.

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